Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Selected Interviews, Features and Publications.


Mike Seeger Part One

Mike Seeger Part Two

Hasil Adkins, Cuzn Wildweed and Jesco White  

The Appalachian String Festival

Serching for Outlaws in Appalachia 

The Levon Helm Band's Brian Mitchell

Fine Art

The Art of Danzig's Eerie Von, coming soon to Fine Art Magazine!

Eastern Spirituality

Zen Quotes by Sun Sign one

Zen Quotes by Sun Sign two

The Eight Immortals in Chinese myth

A review of the Buddha Tarot

Meditation, an interview with author Stephanie Clement

Voodoo and Santeria

The Mythos of SanteriaOchani Lele

Divination in SanteriaOchani Lele

A review of the Haitian Vodou Handbook

A review of the Voodoo Tarot of New Orleans

Vodun, root of Voodoo, an introduction


The Arcana Archive, tarot features

Interview with Don Miguel Ruiz 

Old West Outlaws

Publications include...

Fine Art Magazine

Northern Virginia Magazine

Style Weekly

Richmond Times Dispatch

Smi Publishing, UK

The Everything Ghost Hunting Book

States News Service 

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