Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Theater, Comedy and Film


Improv at the Comedy Caravan  

Leon's Aspirations, Baxter Avenue Film Festival  

Censored on Final Approach  

The Well of Horniness, Narrator 

Delovely, Delightful, Durang, 'The One Minute Play'

The American Dream, Mommy

Jane Martin's Talking With, 'Fifteen Minutes'  

Various local commercials and voice-overs.

Jake's Women, Julie  

The Odyssey, Assistant Director
Dearly Departed, Assistant Director  

Post Mortem, Louise 

Bedroom Farce, Jan   

I Remember Mama, Katrin

Various local commercials and voice-overs.


Titanic Society  

Anything Goes, Chorus 

Pyrolab, a three-day playwriting workshop and festival of original plays (Richmond)

North Carolina

Godspell, Sonia 

The American Dream, Grandma

Nuts, Claudia 

The Wake of Jamey Foster, Collard

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